Sarah at Word on the Street, Sept 24

I will have a table at Word Under the Street (the underground part of Word On the Street) with my friend and fellow artist/writer Eve Corbel of True
Funnies (aka Mary Schendlinger). We will be selling comics, fridge magnets, bookmarks and more! Please come see us there! Buy our stuff! Enter the best draw at the festival: You can win “One Panel Starring Me”: a framed comic by Sarah and Eve illustrating a story from your life! And come see featured artist/writer Joe Sacco, whom we are “adopting” for the festival.

Here’s some of what I’ll be selling…

Zines inspired by Harlequins

Bookmarks: The Small Dogs Classics series (on gold cardstock)

Eventually this stuff might all be posted here in full. But it’s best to come get it in person at WUTS.

1 thought on “Sarah at Word on the Street, Sept 24

  1. Craig and I are SO buying something from the small dogs classic series. This site is FABULOUS!


    p.s. May I have your papillon?

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