Drawing while watching TV

I’m slowly recovering from a week of yucky flu. Man, I watched a lot of TV this week! I felt like such a loser for not working on my art. So I brought my sketchbook to the couch last night in an effort to redeem myself.

First there was the classic Law and Order SVU… God, why do I watch this stuff?

Larissa, known as Brandy by the disgusting abuser:

And Daniel, victim turned abuser:

I don’t consider myself a Trekkie at all, but I super love Star Trek Voyager more than any other TV show ever… But they started putting it on so late that I couldn’t stay up to watch it anymore. But last night I did! And it was awesome. Bellana was in a bad situation.

Luckily they did not leave it up to Tuvok to resolve the situation… Those silly Vulcans!

Anyway, that’s my first attempt at doing something useful with couch time. Perhaps more to come.

Jackson and Audrey

I like to take Jackson with me to work when I can. Lately I have been doing some writing for a small non-profit in Gastown. Jackson came with me one day when I was doing some research at their office and we met Audrey, who seemed nice at first…

Here’s another view of Audrey…

And this is Jackson. I’ve had him for two and a half years now, but I still can’t quite draw him right. His face is not so long. He is a papillon, male, tri-colour, 3 years old.

Artichokes: The Mystery

Tonight we had dinner at Lombardo’s on Commercial Drive. Two women and a man were sitting near us, and one woman was telling the other two about Lombardo’s, and recommending certain dishes. A little later I heard her saying, “Now I don’t really know how to explain artichokes.”


Two Little Girls in the Park

Today I was running on the track at the park near our apartment. Two little girls, about ten, were playing this game for almost the whole time I was there (45 minutes), until they put one doll in a doll car seat and the other in a doll stroller and left. There was no adult to be seen.


Screaming Children

On the way home from work today, I saw the weirdest billboard. It was one of those changing ones, and it was alternating between an ad that said (approximately), on a plain black background, “Child Sexual Abuse: Learn to Recognize the Signs” and another one with a huge photo of a screaming child’s face that said “Time to Find a New Apartment” (ie your neighbour’s kid is screaming).



Skytrain cops and bus drivers… no lack of material for cartoonists

Skytrain cops–are they the saddest thing in Vancouver or the grossest? This morning two of them were strutting around the platform at Main and Terminal, going up to people who looked poor and asking for their tickets. Thanks for saving the taxpayers $5, boys. Does it feel good to watch people shuffle away, staring at a ticket for a fine they can’t pay?

The other day a young South Asian woman told me that she was stopped by a cop as she was getting off a train. He demanded to see her baguette and broke off a piece. Wow. I’m so dumb I never thought of looking in bread for a weapon! Young South Asian woman with baguette. Hmmm. Racism? Boredom? Stupidity? All of the above?


And why is it that some bus drivers have no problem giving people a ride and
others act like the person is tearing money out of their own pockets? What
kind of world do we live in when a tottering skinny old man with holes in
his clothes can’t get a ride worth $2.25?

One afternoon these two women got on the bus and pretended to look for their tickets until we got to the next stop where they got off. As they walked away the driver called, “Users of the system!” God, what is wrong with these guys?

Some drivers go out of their way to talk politely with people who are high
or crazy or old or smelly. It sets the tone for the whole bus and the whole
day for everyone on the bus. It makes you proud to be human.

One day a driver kicked this guy off the bus because his transfer was too
old. The guy was wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase and could not
believe that anyone would deny him anything. That is the only time I loved
seeing someone kicked off.