Word Under the Street Rocked!

Eve Corbel and I shed copious amounts of blood, sweat and tears preparing for this year’s WUTS, and it was worth it! We sold a lot of zines and fridge magnets and met tons of great comics lovers. The only not great things were a) never meeting Joe Sacco even though we “adopted” him for the festival–not that we ever figured out what adopting meant and b) people stealing two of the tiny notebooks I made and a number of bookmarks. Ah well. I am going to put the stuff I made for WUTS up on the site as soon as I figure out how to do a copyright watermark in Photoshop.

Here I am with all our stuff, hanging out with Jackson, who came to visit for a little while.


Eve graciously allowed Jackson to lick her eyebrow.


Sarah at Word on the Street, Sept 24

I will have a table at Word Under the Street (the underground part of Word On the Street) with my friend and fellow artist/writer Eve Corbel of True
Funnies (aka Mary Schendlinger). We will be selling comics, fridge magnets, bookmarks and more! Please come see us there! Buy our stuff! Enter the best draw at the festival: You can win “One Panel Starring Me”: a framed comic by Sarah and Eve illustrating a story from your life! And come see featured artist/writer Joe Sacco, whom we are “adopting” for the festival.

Here’s some of what I’ll be selling…

Zines inspired by Harlequins

Bookmarks: The Small Dogs Classics series (on gold cardstock)

Eventually this stuff might all be posted here in full. But it’s best to come get it in person at WUTS.

Sketches from Northern BC

In July my partner and I travelled to Northern BC. We took 400 photos of the most incredible scenery in the world. I sketched the other stuff.

Like when a logging truck hit a little car so traffic was stopped on the highway and everyone got out of their cars including a crowd of Mennonites.

And when we stopped at a swimming hole and met a family. The little kid:

The aunt:

The girl with swimmer’s itch:

Heavy Metal Yoga

This is something I recommend for anyone. Try AC/DC first. Aside from metal, Eminem and Tricky are also some excellent choices. You might be skeptical, but it really helps you focus on the poses, particularly in power yoga when you want to get all intense and sweaty.heavymetalyoga.gif