Starbucks Grammar Incident

OK, this isn’t really a grammar tip, but I am sliding it into this category anyway. I just want people to know that I am on guard for the English language.

So Starbucks has been selling these cute spelling bee mugs–part of the line of merchandise that goes with their promo of Akeelah and the Bee (has anyone actually seen that movie?). Each mug has a tough spelling word and its definition. One of the words is “meticulosity.” Not that I have ever heard anyone use this word, but apparently it is real– the noun form of the adjective “meticulous.” To my horror, the Starbucks mug said that meticulosity was an adjective. Does this mean that Starbucks can’t afford an editor?

I want to reassure you that I emailed them as soon as I got to a computer, and today I got an email back (after a week or so of sitting on shpilkes waiting for a reply):

“Your feedback is very important to us, so we appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. I want to assure you that I’ve passed on your comments to the appropriate people in our company for their attention.”

I feel better already. Though if I don’t hear from them soon, I may take them up on their suggestion to call Customer Relations at (800) 23-LATTE.

PS Yes maybe I should stop drinking Starbucks and also put my energy into tackling more important social issues. I just can’t think of any.

2 thoughts on “Starbucks Grammar Incident

  1. I laughed out loud at the Starbucks piece on meticulosity. (and really, who the fuck is ever going to use that word in a sentence???) (also – spellcheck REJECTS the stinkin’ word……) Good work on freeing the world from grammar hell and exposing the evil empire!!!
    PS Yes you really SHOULD stop drinking Starbucks because it’s not actually that good….Why only yesterday I went there to buy some mediocre java before going to work on an event. 2 lattes (one with an extra shot) cost almost $7. Sigh. Sucked in again. (and for the record, mine had the extra shot but I couldn’t actually TASTE the coffee – it just tasted like warm milk with coffee extract in it or something……)

  2. Love the Starbucks piece. I so identify with your indignation, especially since you know it’s nerdy and can laugh at yourself.


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