In Search of a Snappy Label, Xtra West #358, May 10, 2007

I’m not sure why, but lately I have been obsessing over finding a snappy label for the particular subculture of dykes that I joined when I came out. If I’d been born in another era, I could have been a monocle-wearing mannish lesbian in 1920s Paris, or a high femme with a hard-living butch lover in 1950s America. Or even a radical lesbian separatist clearing land for a commune in the 1970s. But instead, I came out in 1993 in Vancouver. Nothing against the time or the place or the people–it’s just that I find it hard to describe my particular scene in a few potent words.

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Maui Sketchbook Part I

These are super rough sketches I did on the beach in Maui in March.

This is me in my snorkel gear.


This is my dad, who treated us to the trip. He is wearing zinc cream on his nose. This is called “gooky” in our family–all sunscreen or suntan lotion (in the old days of ozone) is called gooky.


At our favourite beach, Ulua, we saw a little girl who wanted to go back to New York and an old lady who was having the time of her life.


The Vulva Rant, Xtra West #354, March 15, 2007

I’ve always suspected that the Vagina Monologues would piss me off. But when a local women’s centre put on the Monologues as a fundraiser, I decided I should go and see if my suspicions were justified. Sure enough, supporting a good cause turned out to be pretty much the only enjoyable aspect of my theatre experience…. Vulva refers to the external genitalia-the labia, the clitoris, the vaginal introitus, and to things like the fourchette, fossa and frenulum, which I confess I didn’t even know about before researching this column. So you’d think Ensler might have used that v-word instead. More…