I went to Torngat Mountains National Park last August

I kept wanting to tell everyone in the entire world, but I couldn’t, because the radio documentary hadn’t come out yet, but now it has. So guess what? This is Part 3 of 3 in the amazing series, How I Spent My Summer Vacation: I went to Torngat Mountains National Park! I had the extreme good fortune to be one of five writers chosen by radio icon and all-around awesome lady Shelagh Rogers to join her on this adventure.

You can hear all about it on the podcast at CBC’s The Next Chapter. And here is one of the drawings I did during that magical week:

Icebergs, drawing by Sarah Leavitt


Best of Vancouver, Georgia Straight, September 18, 2008

I had so much fun contributing to the Best of Vancouver issue of the Straight.

The Best Place to Get Hip Food Without Hipster Atmosphere

Best Stylist for Curly-Haired Folks
Best Grrl for Bicycle Repairs

Best Place to Get Your Knives Sharpened
Best Place to Spot Cute Queer Girls Over Pictionary

Best Film Fest for Plunging You Into Despair and Lifting You Back Up
Best Secondhand Store for Graphic Novels
Best Coffee Shop for Small Dogs

and these two, which do not seem to be online…
Best Tiny Art Supply Store (Rath Art Supplies)
Best Place to Buy Man Purses (Thriller on Main Street for Boris Brothers bags)

Things I’ve Learned from Three Years of Column Writing, Xtra West, September 11, 2008

Dear readers, guess what? This is my last column for Xtra West. I’ve had so much fun here over the past three years. What could be better than having a public forum for my various ponderings, rants, opinions and even, I admit it, some whining? How luxurious, how decadent. But the time has come to focus my time and energy on new endeavours. More…

Oscar the Lesbian Cat, Xtra West, August 14, 2008

Oscar contemplating the arrival of Jackson the dog, Aug 2006This is my latest (and second to last!) column for Xtra West. Sad to say that Oscar died a week after this column was written. RIP, little friend.

I think of Oscar as my lesbian cat. Not because he is a lesbian. In spite of the neutering he is definitely male, and as far as I can tell he is not sexually attracted to anyone, feline or otherwise, male or female. No, the reason I think of Oscar as a lesbian cat is because I got him soon after I came out, and he’s a key part of my lezzie history, especially my relationships. More…

A Penchant for the Fruity, Xtra West, July 16, 2008

I’m finishing this column on the screened-in porch of my aunt Anne’s house in New York while the crickets chirp and the fireflies flash on and off. My girlfriend and I have spent the past two weeks visiting family. When I’m not having little fits of rage or moments of gooey love, and I’m not busy drinking wine or eating chocolate, I’ve been trying to take advantage of this excellent opportunity for increasing self —understanding. (I’m not even being sarcastic, that’s how introspective I have become here among the crickets.) More…