Five Pound Hero

Zoey the chihuahua saved a baby!

In the drawing I thanked God for small dogs, but maybe that makes it sound like dogs are wonderful because they save humans from danger, when actually I wouldn’t think this event was a happy one if Zoey had died. I mean, I am not convinced that a dog’s life should necessarily be worth less than a human’s. Does that make sense? I have been drinking a little white wine. Oh, and if you follow the link above and watch the news story, let me know if you think it’s a “good ending” that grandpa killed the snake.


First Try with Graphire

Oh dear, this cute little tablet is way harder than it looks… This is my first try, without looking at the instruction manual or figuring out little buttons. Did a first grader draw this??


Toy Romances

A couple years ago I started picking up random Harlequins. They have the best sentences in them! These are two small dog romances based on one of my favourites.



Full e-text coming soon…