Why Editors Have No Friends FRIDGE MAGNETS

These wee 2″ square fridge magnets debuted at Word Under the Street 2006 and sold fast. The drawings were originally published in Geist magazine No. 58. Want some? They are $2 each and $10 for a set of 6. If you are in the Vancouver area I can get them to you. If not, email me and we will work it out.







11 thoughts on “Why Editors Have No Friends FRIDGE MAGNETS

  1. Not ordering yet. Can you do one about “basically”? As in “Basically, I’d like to see a fridge magnet about that overused word.” The “You and I” one is right on the mark!

  2. Thanks for your interest! I will email people directly about the orders. As for “basically”– great idea. I will put it in the ideas folder for the next set. Or perhaps my next grammar tip–which is a little late…

  3. I enjoyed seeing my life in comic form. Thanks for highlighting how hard holding our collective tongues can be.

  4. I love the lay/lie magnet, it is so appropriate. My stepmother was taken to the hospital this week because she passed out without explanation, and when the ambulance attendant told her to “lay down”, she corrected him! I am interested in purchasing a set for my parents’ fridge.

  5. Adrian, I love your stepmother! I will email you with information on getting the magnets.

  6. Joining the chorus – yes, please, I want a set too! I don’t live in Vancouver, but my son does, so perhaps you could get them to him (Westend Vanc.)?

  7. Hi Diana– email me at sarah (at) sarahleavitt.com and I can either mail them to you or meet up with your son. Thanks for your interest!!

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