Assorted Cakes

When I was a kid, my family was at a restaurant and my mom ordered “assorted cakes” for dessert. The waiter told her that she had to pick which kind. “Oh,” said my mom, “I had pictured a lovely plate of tiny assorted cakes.” She was so disappointed.

Assorted Cakes

Drawing Sad and Happy

drawyourtomorrow2.jpg A couple months ago I bought a journal called Draw Your Tomorrow published by MMMG. I got it at Paper-Ya on Granville Island– a dangerous store. On each day there is a beautiful big space for doodling. I thought it might help my recent intense bout of cartoonist’s block. So far it hasn’t gotten me back to the big project I am avoiding, but it has inspired a collection of creatures…

When sad, try drawing happy

when happy draw more

Second Graphire: The Man I Talk To Sometimes

This guy panhandles sometimes outside Waterfront Skytrain. When I take my dog to work I take the Skytrain instead of my usual bus, so I pass by him during evening rush hour. It’s not like I give everyone money who asks for it, but I can never get over how many people in expensive suits with five dollar coffees walk right by without even eye contact. I try to give him money every time I see him and chat a while. My dog seems to like him. He often is friendlier to homeless people than most other people.