Drawing Sad and Happy

drawyourtomorrow2.jpg A couple months ago I bought a journal called Draw Your Tomorrow published by MMMG. I got it at Paper-Ya on Granville Island– a dangerous store. On each day there is a beautiful big space for doodling. I thought it might help my recent intense bout of cartoonist’s block. So far it hasn’t gotten me back to the big project I am avoiding, but it has inspired a collection of creatures…

When sad, try drawing happy

when happy draw more

2 thoughts on “Drawing Sad and Happy

  1. It’s nice to know that there is still room for doodling despite the weight of being conscious in this world. I love your creatures… they make me smile. Your art is always a bit bizarre. I like your twisted brain!

  2. These are great Sarah!….I wish they were on T-shirts so i can wear them….I love the Shy Skinny Elephant. So cute.

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