Vancouver Folk Music Festival 2009: Paper Blog, Part 1

I like to think I coined the term “paper blog”– my first try at a paper blog was at Northern Voice 2009. I got out the paper and pen again this past weekend for the Vancouver Folk Music Festival.

Here I am, hard at work near Stage 2 (thanks Michele Brayton for the photo).

I am using this cute little book from my friend Eve Corbel. It has a lovely magnetic clasp that clicks in a satisfying way, and lined paper. I like drawing on lined paper. The book is from Paper Blanks, the Lyon Florals series, if you must know.

I’ll divide these up into a couple posts. First of all, let me say that I have gone to the VFMF almost every year since 1993– that is actually a lot less than many of my friends. I worked at Sage’s Kitchen the first year, a fundraiser for the now defunct Vancouver Lesbian Connection. After that I volunteered for five years on the Recycling Crew. The Folk Fest has always been such a lesbianic thing for me– and it was again, this year. Connecting with all my dyke friends, being openly affectionate without fear. I did find that the beer garden and the police presence this year kind of put a damper on things, but it still was awesome. All the following sort of poking fun stuff is done with a lot of affection for the old VFMF.

So here is my first “post,” drawn Saturday morning. Things I expect to experience on Folk Fest weekend… I didn’t erase the page edges so that you can tell it really was done on paper. 🙂