Vancouver Folk Music Festival 2009: Paper Blog, Part 2

One of the best things about the Folk Fest is the dancing. It’s also one of the funniest things. I love the dancing because what could be better than dancing in a park with happy people to beautiful music surrounded by mountains and ocean? And then on the other hand, what could be funnier than earnest people who rarely dance totally letting loose?

These are some classic Folk Fest moves:

Free flow by pretty, well-groomed middle-aged blonde women who probably live in Kits or Point Grey or maybe in an East Van heritage house and do lots of yoga and like to connect with their inner sensual selves at Folk Fest:

And all the moves by this guy– he cracks me up because he is so serious!! He skips through the crowd–skips!– with this incongrous earnest expression on his face.

And then, heartwarming and funny– these guys generally wear socks with their shorts and look a little lost but super happy: