Sketches from England

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Why am I so excited about London? by Sarah Leavitt

I love how Nicola wears fancy frocks to comics events, and then decides to tap dance or pull on a winter hat partway through her presentation. Elegant and playful at the same time. Is that a particularly British quality?

Cartoonist Nicola Streeten

Cartoonist and publisher Corinne Pearlman at her fabulous home. I did not find this article about the house until after we returned to Canada.

Corinne Pearlman

This is our new friend Katie; we stayed at her place in Newcastle. She is talking about some of the symptoms of M.E.

Katie, by Sarah Leavitt

Katie changed her surname in her 20s. What’s really cool is that then her mother and sister followed suit. I’d never heard of that before.

Katie, by Sarah Leavitt

As you can see, I’ve been experimenting with styles. Neither of these really looks like Katie, but I had fun doing them. And here is Katie’s dog Jodie.

Jodie the dog, by Sarah Leavitt

And last of all, a wee angel. I love all the angels who only have heads and wings. They are all over the cathedrals. Maybe I will do some comics about these body-less angels.

Angel without a body by Sarah Leavitt

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  1. I LOVE this, Sarah! Yay for famous Katie! I enjoyed your experiements and the neat noted details in the first panel.
    Most of all, I’m very happy for your wonderful trip!
    I’m sure people loved you as much as you loved them.

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