3 thoughts on “I miss my mother

  1. Well, I wasn’t going to say you’re mean, but I *was* going to say you’re quite adept at making me cry a lot. But not in a bad way.
    Yes, thank you for sharing. I think your mom went to a nice, soft place for sure. I have mixed ideas about afterlife, but I think somehow your mom – like others’ loved ones – has looked down on you from wherever… and is so, SO proud of you.
    I’m a mom; I know how proud I am of my son, so I can pretty easily imagine how your mom would incredibly proud of you, too.

  2. Thanks Sarah, so much… I have always had flashes of what I thought were images of where my Grandma was spending her time, after the Alzheimer’s, as if I was tuning in to the same frequency she was on…it felt like a soft place….

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