Spin Sugar and Why Write

These are two short zines I wrote last year.

Spin Sugar is about one of the ways in which my parents ruined my childhood. Click on the image to read the full comic in pdf.


Why Bother Writing At All is the angst-filled chronicle of my development as a writer, from the early poems (age eight) to my present state of trying to focus on telling stories as opposed to stressing about getting published.

pdf coming soon.


Mannequins, Geist #56, Spring 2005

When you walk into the Waponahki Museum and Resource Center in Perry, Maine, the first thing you see is a life-sized plaster mannequin of a man dressed in traditional Waponahki clothing—fringed pants, fringed bands around his upper arms, bare torso, long black hair. Someone has stuck a yellow Post-it note on his waist that says, “My name is Fred Moore.”

Download the pdf of the whole piece here.