Mugs for sale: help me choose images?

In June, I made two mugs for my friend Morgan:

Mugs with creature drawings by Sarah Leavitt

I am going to make some more mugs to sell at Word Under the Street, September 26, and I need help choosing which images to use. Can you help me choose three or four from the following? (Also I could use the images I used for Morgan’s again).

Dancing for No Reason by Sarah Leavitt
The Moon Does Such Strange Things by Sarah Leavitt
Two dogs pattern by Sarah Leavitt
Yap by Sarah Leavitt
When Sad, Try Drawing Happy by Sarah Leavitt
What Would You Do, by Sarah Leavitt
When Happy, Draw More, by Sarah Leavitt
Taxi Colleagues by Sarah Leavitt

Please use the comments section to cast your votes. And thank you!

23 thoughts on “Mugs for sale: help me choose images?

  1. I say the ones you made me! They are the best! I’m drinking out of the red one right now! Also, #1 will be a big seller, I predict. I would also say #6 and #8 but the ones you did for me and #1 would be what I would do. Yay! So happy you’re doing this!

  2. I say #1 and Morgan’s creatures. I’d really like to see some of your small dog haiku or your editor series. Mugs for everyone!

  3. I like 1, and also, seven. I love the elephant. I agree on the small dog haiku and I’ll add why editors have no friends to that too! makes for great gifts…

  4. I like “Morgan’s mugs”, #1 and #6.
    If you make any of those, I would like to buy some from you.
    please let me know, thanks and I’m looking forward to your new book. Carol

  5. All of these are awesome, but #s 2 + 3 are YES, YES, YES (hope I’m not being too much the alien-like-dawg lovin’ lady here) If the dogs are small and the mugs are large, I’ll buy a gajillion (or so)

  6. 2 5 7 but then again all are very unique and I would be hard pressed to think that any one is better than the next.

  7. #1 for sure, and #4 … I also love Morgan’s mugs … ditto for small dog haiku and the editor series

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