Word Under the Street 2009: it was awesome!

Finally getting around to posting this somewhat depressed looking photo of me at WUTS. Thanks to Brian Nicol for taking it– not sure what my problem was. But look at all my stuff! I can’t believe I got it done. On the right you can see the fridge door I got from the recycling transfer station; it’s got my fridge magnets on it– two designs sold out that day! Also on the table: tiny books with my creatures in them, a new small dog story, the ever popular small dog romances. Also bookmarks! And that weird cyclindrical spotted container is for entries in Eve Corbel’s and my contest where people tell us a short story about themselves and we illustrate it. (OK, so we haven’t informed the entrants who won yet, but we will! Comics artists move slow sometimes!)

Anyway, WUTS was lots o fun. And the Vancouver Public Library bought some of my stuff for their zine collection. How awesome is that??

And one more thing– the book on the table is Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow? by the lovely lovely Brian Fies. I contacted Brian for advice about my book and he has been extremely generous and supportive. You should check out his book and become a fan of his on Facebook. I put the book on the table so that I could send him the photo for his collection of images of his book “in the wild.”

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  1. You are go cool! I am so lucky to have such a famous, smart, fun, witty, smart, cute friend! wg

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