Video review of Tangles

Since Tangles came out last September, I’ve posted links to reviews in the Globe and Mail, Vancouver Sun and other papers, but I haven’t linked to any of the blog posts about Tangles, maybe because it feels like too obvious an admission that I Google myself on a fairly regular basis. But when I saw this video review of Tangles by Ben Ziegler (via Lorne Daniel), I had to post it. This kind of personal, thoughtful response to my book just makes my day. There is also something special about connecting with men through Tangles — not that responses from men mean more to me than responses from women, but just that as a feminist and a lesbian I have become accustomed to making artistic and emotional connections with women. But through Tangles, I have had these very intense connections with male readers, both older men who have their own experiences as caretakers of people with Alzheimer’s, and younger men who are comics readers. I have this weird idea that somehow because our lives are totally different (or I assume they are) that they won’t respond to my book. But of course that is not how literature works. You’d think I might know that by now, after years of crying and laughing and sighing over books by people who are completely different from me.