2 thoughts on “Tangles to be published in UK and Commonwealth by Jonathan Cape

  1. Sarah,Absoutely loved your work Tangkes. Read it in our local library during 2 hours of run away stress. Genius, raw, red plain truthfulness, so very appreciated. I applaud, no revere you and your fir the blessed candor and courage undertaken in this most personal, private and totally enlighteinf journey into thr most sacred relationships of the Mother and Child. I feel and sense at 60 that might be there im the near future. I have a daughter whi is unwell with a rare blood disorder and pray daily for the distance to go it with her. should this not be possibke , I so wanr ypu to know My Dear, that your work on this book sooooo gave me such pleasure to read, granted me such inbelievable peace after reading ( my Gradfather had Alzeimer’s) that I truly wanted you to know. I am not weird, but I kissed you sweet face and curls at tge end of the book. I so know and felt I truly walked your path and that pf you Dad, Sisters and Family. I cannot stress or tell you of the most profound similarities, from rubbing yer Ma’s feet tobthe tell tale tangles yhat so moved this heart of mine. To youbI say God Bless(I know that hole will never fill) however, what ypu chose to do with the earth that created that hole… is wholesome, worthy and fertile. God Bless to you and yours, ‘ya done good hon;) Thank you from the bottom of this Canadian’s heart. I know my omly child will walk ypur path im the not too distant future. Oh that she has the parts to walk the way you and yous did;) Carolann E. Canada, Canada

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