Sarah interviewed on Book Madam

Check out my chat with Julie Wilson of Book Madam. In their words: “Book Madam & Associates is a collective of publishing and media professionals who love bright ideas and have been known to have a few of their own. Our goal is simple: to point to smart, savvy projects and people. Also expect inspiration, critiques, news items and the odd kitten video.” They also say they’re “The Cool Hunters of Publishing.” I’m a big fan of Book Madam and I’m thrilled that they looked me up. I love the chat format for an interview too!

Live-to-Chat: Sarah Leavitt, author/illustrator of Tangles
Lynda Barry is smitten with Sarah Leavitt. So too shall you be after reading this incroyable chat with the author/illustrator of the graphic memoir Tangles: A Story about Alzheimer’s, My Mother and Me… More