Tangles: more American reviews

I forgot to add this lovely review of Tangles by David Ulin that appeared in the LA Times in the spring:

What she’s getting at is the essence of who we are and how we operate, of what underlies our neurons, what defines identity. “This is a hard thing to say,” her mother says after Leavitt shows her a few pages of this book, at the time a work in progress. “I’m not a real person.”

But what defines reality? That’s the central question, although “Tangles” doesn’t (can’t) provide an answer. And yet, in framing her loss and her uncertainty through the lens of love, Leavitt manages to find a fragile resolution: conditional, moving, rigorous and heartbreaking at once.

Also grateful for reviews in The Library Journal and Kansas City Jewish Chronicle, and a nice mention from Diana Schutz in an interview on tfaw.com.