Drawing Lessons

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be good at drawing. I really do believe that a good drawing is a drawing that either pleases the viewer aesthetically and/or inspires an emotional response. I don’t think that “good” equals representational or highly polished. So in that way I am OK with the fact that my own drawings in Tangles are kind of crude or unskilled. I know that they have pleased and moved people and that is great. At the same time, I want to improve my drawing, make it more confident, more intentional, have the control to be able to decide between simplicity and detail, rather than being limited to a certain style because of my skill level. So I am going to take drawing lessons — though I might be too sensitive to take lessons like the one I drew here. But come to think of it, my favourite writing instructors have been the tough ones who make me cry.

Drawing Lesson by Sarah Leavitt

Drawing Lesson 2 by Sarah Leavitt

2 thoughts on “Drawing Lessons

  1. I’ve taken many drawing classes and they usually make me angry, and yes I’ve cried tears of frustration multiple times. But it’s not the instructors usually – it’s facing your own fears and letting goof the inner critiic that says you can’t.

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