Sketches from Northern BC

In July my partner and I travelled to Northern BC. We took 400 photos of the most incredible scenery in the world. I sketched the other stuff.

Like when a logging truck hit a little car so traffic was stopped on the highway and everyone got out of their cars including a crowd of Mennonites.

And when we stopped at a swimming hole and met a family. The little kid:

The aunt:

The girl with swimmer’s itch:

Heavy Metal Yoga

This is something I recommend for anyone. Try AC/DC first. Aside from metal, Eminem and Tricky are also some excellent choices. You might be skeptical, but it really helps you focus on the poses, particularly in power yoga when you want to get all intense and sweaty.heavymetalyoga.gif

The Enemy

This is a satirical comic inspired by some feminists’ aversion to including male-to-female transsexuals in women-only space.

Toy Romances

A couple years ago I started picking up random Harlequins. They have the best sentences in them! These are two small dog romances based on one of my favourites.



Full e-text coming soon…

My Mom Got Sick and Died: The Zine

This is the first multi-page comic I did, I think. It is a collection of journal entries and drawings from when my mother was sick with Alzheimer’s, from about 1998 to her death in 2004. I put it together in a few days in August of 2005. The last few pages ended up in the UBC non-fiction journal, Fugue. I might put them up here soon. There are other things in the comic that I don’t think I would want online, though, like sketches of my mom as she was dying. Things like that, you look back and you can’t believe you actually did them. I mean, maybe it was a weird thing to do. And how could I even hold a pencil at the time?


Spin Sugar and Why Write

These are two short zines I wrote last year.

Spin Sugar is about one of the ways in which my parents ruined my childhood. Click on the image to read the full comic in pdf.


Why Bother Writing At All is the angst-filled chronicle of my development as a writer, from the early poems (age eight) to my present state of trying to focus on telling stories as opposed to stressing about getting published.

pdf coming soon.