The Girl King by Tara Mitchell

Tara Mitchell is
a Canadian who has lived overseas for so long she often dreams of bacon
smothered in maple syrup.  Her
travel and life experiences in Asia, Europe and Africa inform her writing. She
currently lives in Manila with her husband and her cat named Lucky. She adores
story-telling in all its forms. Fascinated by powerful women in history, she’s
currently writing the first installment of what she hopes will be a series of
young adult books about kickass global girls who change the world. She still
thinks she can’t draw.

O.S. by K.I. Press

K.I. Press is a Winnipeg writer who’s also lived in Toronto,
Vancouver, Ottawa, Edmonton and rural Alberta. Her newest book of poetry is
Exquisite Monsters (Turnstone Press).

The Heron by Melissa Bull

Melissa Bull is a Montreal-based writer, editor, and translator. She is
magazine’s “Writing from Quebec” editor and her work has
been featured in such publications as Prism, Event, Urbania, Ambos, and
the Montreal Review of Books. Her story, “In the Shadow of the Canada
Malting Silos” won CBC’s 2013 Hyperlocal prize and in 2015 she was
awarded the Cole Foundation’s award for emerging translator. Melissa
Bull’s translation of Nelly Arcan’s Burqa of Skin was published in 2014,
and her first collection of poetry, Rue, is forthcoming in April 2015. 

Umbrella Underground by David Geary

Draw – erase – cut – paste – think – ink – blot – white out – white
space – negative space – Scott McCloud – is God…ish – confusion –
madness – draw – erase – cut – paste – closure – 3 point perspective –
NO PERSPECTIVE – blobs – globs – blurs – slurs – I love it! I loved it
so much that I did the course twice. Many thanks to Sarah and my
generous/patient classmates for their feedback and funtimes. My comic UMBRELLA UNDERGROUND was in part inspired by Michael Yahulanaas amazing RED: A HAIDA MANGA. On a
much smaller scale, I’ve tried to make a graphic story that can be read
as 4 separate pages but also have the pages ripped out and assembled
into one larger piece.