Agness, Murderess cover

“I could not put Agnes, Murderess down. Gothic horror meets feminist history in this deceptively spare novel of a 19th century Scottish waif turned serial killer. Along the way, the characters and the reader alike are haunted by considerations of power stolen away and seized back, colonialism, loneliness, desire, obsession, friendship, and even love.”

ANNABEL LYON, author of
The Golden Mean and The Sweet Girl

“In spare line art as stark as antique woodcuts, Sarah Leavitt’s Agnes, Murderess achieves the difficult goal of making historical fiction relatable, relevant, and alive. Agnes, who may or may not have been an actual mass murderer in 19th-century frontier Canada, is a sympathetic anti-hero. Leavitt surveys the fine line separating supernatural horrors from the horrors we’re capable of all by ourselves. Sometimes the monsters chase us; other times, we are the monsters.”

 BRIAN FIES, author of A Fire Story

Agnes events

September 26: Vancouver launch
October 6: Victoria Festival of Authors
October 17 + 19: The Imaginairium at Calgary Wordfest
October 26: Vancouver Writers Festival