Agnes is coming…

After nine years of thinking, writing, drawing, procrastinating, freaking out, eating lots of snacks, drawing some more, revising, revising, and revising, I finally let Agnes go to the printers in June. Plans are being made for launch events in October, and I’ll have news to share soon about festival appearances. Agnes looks forward to meeting you. Well, in her own way she does.

Pre-order Agnes from the publisher or from the evil empire.

In conversation with Jessica Abel and Susan Olding

I’ve been working on my current project, Agnes Murderess, for many years. It can be hard to stay on track over the long term, especially given everything else I have to do every day besides make art. Jessica Abel’s fantastic teaching has been a big support for me, as have my friendships. It was great to talk about all this with Jessica and my dear friend and accountability partner Susan Olding. The Crowdcast format worked really well, too — our audience of about 100 stuck with us for the whole hour +, and made some great suggestions in the chat sidebar. It’s so important to have support around you when you’re pouring yourself into a creative project.

Dispatches from Comics Class

I have started a small publication on Medium to collect students’ comics: Dispatches from Comics Class. I like it because students post the work themselves as opposed to giving me permission to post it here. All current and former students can contribute, and I’ve also contributed a few posts about things I’ve done in class. Check it out!

This is the avatar for Dispatches from Comics Class, by former student Keith Warner-Harder

Find me (and some of my students) on Medium

I haven’t updated this website in forever, but I have been posting some diary comics from time to time on Medium.

I’ve also created a publication on Medium, Dispatches from Comics Class, where students from my comics classes at UBC can post their work. I’ve also included a couple posts about my teaching. I hope to keep adding content here as I continue working with the wonderful students at UBC. This past year was my first as a full-time lecturer. This sounds super cheesy but it is totally true: the students blew my mind with their curiosity, enthusiasm and hard work. It was also exhausting! This summer I am finishing some new comics, mostly about having a partner with chronic pain and fatigue, as well as continuing work on my graphic novel, Agnes, Murderess. More work will be posted soon. Until then, back to my drawing board…

Why not draw cats

Creature of love

Ugh. I am not doing much besides class prep + working on my book… But sometimes I post these little drawings on Medium; it’s a series I’m calling “Creature of love.” Then I wonder if I should be doing Instagram instead. Then I think about that and research it for a while and then I don’t draw and then I do self-recrimination. But in between I draw these little guys.

Creatures calm and worried